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Not Your Ordinary Cleaning Company

At Aqua Wash, we recognize that there is much more that goes into the general upkeep of your commercial business than just routine cleanings. That is why we offer an array of repair services to ensure that your business can keep running smoothly.

What Aqua Wash Can Do For You

We specialize in an assortment of repair services, including professional painting, professional paint stripping, masonry repair, caulking services, and professional weatherproofing services, and much more.

Our Painting And Paint Stripping Services

Along with knowing how to work pressure washing equipment, our trained and professional team also knows their way around a paint brush. Our skilled painters will have the surfaces of you building freshly painted and looking like new when you take advantage of our professional painting services. We also specialize in professional paint stripping to relieve you of any old, damaged, or just plain out-dated paint on your building’s hard surfaces.

Masonry Repair

If your masonry is suffering from cracks or chipped bricks, now is the time to have your masonry repaired. At Aqua Wash, we patch and plug up any gaps or cracks in your masonry. We remove and replace any old damaged mortar or bricks that have lost their structural integrity, to ensure the safety and foundation of your building.

Give us a call today at Aqua Wash for all your masonry repair needs.

Caulking Services

Over time, caulk can begin to wear, crack, discolor, and shrink, which is why it is important to repair and replace any of the old caulk in your building. We remove any of the old damaged caulk and replace it with a new professional grade caulk to ensure a fresh tight seal. Protect your business and have your building looking like new when you take advantage of our professional caulking services.

Weatherproofing Services

The last thing you want to happen in your office building or commercial storefront is a leak. Imagine coming in one day to find everything in your building drenched and ruined by a simple weather leak. It’s not only a nuisance and a safety hazard, but it will put a big dent in your bank account too. Keep your staff, building, and investment safe by hiring Aqua Wash for all your professional waterproofing needs.

Our dedicated team of weatherproofing technicians offer a variety of weather proofing solutions to best fit your needs. We also use nothing but professional grade equipment to ensure that you receive the best results possible.

Say goodbye to annoying leaks when you use our professional weatherproofing services.

"The power washing of my home was done meticulously and carefully. I appreciate the attention to ensuring that none of the outside vents were compromised. I'm grateful for the extra work done to wash my steps, walkways and driveway. Very nice touch."
Wilhelmina Frieson
"Aqua Wash has been taking care of our power washing needs for nearly 20 years. We continue to be totally satisfied with the excellent service we receive. Scheduling is easy. The crew arrives on time and does a very thorough job. We wouldn't think of hiring anyone else."
Gary Kishbaugh
"Price was competitive. Came on time! Scrubbed surface in addition to power washing stucco. Looks great. Definitely will use again."
Charlene Sternberg
"Aqua-Wash does a great cleaning for us on extremely difficult surfaces that involve, diesel engine exhaust residue, oil. fuel and grease on the interior and exterior surfaces of locomotive engine compartments. Prior to our painting work on the locomotives."
John Winter
"Excellent job performance by employee who was very professional. House when completed was everything that was included in contract. I was very pleased and would refer them to anyone interested in power washing. Have used them in the past."
Warren Shueler
"The guys did a wonderful, careful job. Thank you!"
James Albert
"Always quick response and a job well done!"
Kevin Tatman
"I had my house, sidewalks and detached garage washed before Spring. Excellent job of dirt and moss removal with the job done right the first time. I have this service every two years, making this their third visit. I’m a very satisfied customer and recommend you give them a try!"
Gary Wharton
"Great work. Quick to get the job done."
Zack Keller
"The final result was great. There was no dirt or algae anywhere to be found."
Dan Laczo
"I met the workers and they were very polite. The job looked excellent when it was completed."
John Saville
"The work was excellent, the people were professional and nice, and the entire process was easy. We had the entire house washed as well as concrete walkways and stairwells in just a few hours. No more black scum or green slime, and everything looks great. So much easier and safer than trying to do […]"
Joan Wheeler
"Phone and email correspondence was timely and courteous. Workmen were friendly and efficient. Overall great experience!"
Hans Kosenkranius
"This is the 3rd summer we have been in this house. And each year we have had our cement deck around the pool power washed. The previous two years has not been successful as each time there was much streaking and not a thorough job. So this year we called Aqua Wash. What a difference! It looks like […]"
Ed Breland
"The work accomplished much more than the basic service. They were professional. on time. Cleaned up afterwards. Made the deck railings appear as clean as the year they were installed. The house siding was totally clean, the garage door, sidewalk area, and chimney after 30 years of use."
Katharine Olinchak
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We clean virtually everything!
(302) 994-1720

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